The Breast Center Team

The Breast Center Team at Houston Northwest Medical Center

The Breast Center is staffed by experienced mammographers, ultrasonographers and nurses, who are trained in breast imaging. They are all dedicated to helping detect breast cancer early, providing in-depth patient education, and offering the care and support needed if breast cancer is diagnosed.

Experienced Caring Support

Dedicated radiologists and pathologists on the medical staff work as a team to offer a comprehensive diagnosis for each patient.

Pathologists, breast surgeons and radiologists work closely with mammographers, ultrasonographers and nurses to create a multidisciplinary team that provides comprehensive, coordinated patient care. Even if all a patient needs is a mammogram today, we are here for them should they need a breast ultrasound, breast biopsy or diagnostic work-up in the future. We offer peace of mind and a resource for the diagnosis and education of all breast concerns.

A Multidisciplinary Team Cares for Each Individual Patient

A multidisciplinary team of specialists at The Breast Center meets every two weeks to review patients’ conditions and discuss recommendations for treatment. This team includes radiologists, surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists, pathologists and professionally trained mammographers. Together they review each case and are involved in completing the assessment and evaluation for each patient’s individual breast health needs.