Why Choose The Breast Center at HNMC

At The Breast Center at Houston Northwest Medical Center, our focus is on the early detection of breast cancer; to achieve this we use advanced diagnostic equipment. Our mammographers, ultrasonographers, and nurses and are highly trained in breast imaging, and we all work together as a team with our doctors to offer a comprehensive diagnosis.

There are many things that set us apart from other facilities, first and foremost being our staff. We have four nurse navigators who work closely with patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. These nurses don’t just take care of our patients’ physical health needs. They are a shoulder to lean on, a resource for health information, and a friend to talk to.

Our patients also benefit from conferences that are held every two weeks so our multidisciplinary team of physicians – including radiologists, surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists, pathologists, and other doctors involved in breast care – can review each patient’s condition and discuss recommendations for treatment.

Staff members at The Breast Center see their role in caring for patients as a very special one. We know how important it is for patients to feel involved in their care and we are here to educate and support them during their treatments. From performing mammograms, to treating breast cancer, to sponsoring support groups, The Breast Center is THE place in northwest Houston for women to go to for their breast care. Being diagnosed with breast cancer isn’t easy. But for our patients who do have breast cancer, we are here for them so they do not have to make that journey alone.