Support Group

Twelve years ago eight breast cancer survivors pulled together to support one another and founded the Care, Share and Be Aware breast cancer support group. The support group provides a vehicle to reach survivors and their families when they are faced with many new difficult challenges. The meetings are held at Houston Northwest Medical Center and coordinated by The Breast Center. The health care professionals who facilitate the support group meetings are trained facilitators by the American Cancer Society.

Care, Share and Be Aware
Breast Cancer Support Group

Date: Meets second Tuesday of each month
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Location: Atrium Boardroom

Breast Cancer Survivor “The meetings are a special time and place for patient survivors to feel they have a safe environment to communicate their feelings whether they are of fear, hope, joy or being overwhelmed by the cancer diagnosis,” says Esther Valdez, RN at The Breast Center. “The support group is also a great place to bond with one another and have some fun too.”

Members share learning experiences and give emotional support regarding aspects of breast cancer. Each month various speakers from the medical and non-medical community are invited to come and discuss ways to help cope and make the cancer journey a less stressful one. Every year an annual gathering is held for breast cancer survivors and their families to meet in a more social setting and to celebrate their fellowship and survivorship.

For more information about the Care, Share and Be Aware breast cancer support services call 281-440-2862 or 281-397-2952.

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