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If you have, or suspect you may have, an illness or condition that you believe requires medical attention, we recommend you call your primary care physician.

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The provision of information to users of this website is not intended as an inducement to influence a person’s decision to order or receive any item or service from a particular provider, practitioner or supplier that is reimbursable under Medicare, a state healthcare program or any other healthcare plan.

Physicians are independent contractors who are neither employees nor agents of Houston Northwest Medical Center, and as a result, Houston Northwest Medical Center is not responsible for the actions of these physicians in their medical practices.

Physician Ownership

Houston Northwest Medical Center is partly owned by physicians and meets the definition of Physician-owned hospital as specified in 42 CFR 489.3. The following physicians have an ownership or financial interest in the Hospital as of December 31, 2016:

Acosta, Luis S MD
Agusala, Ravinder MD
Alexander, Chacko
Annamaneni, Amit MD
Aquino, Vincent
Araujo, Carlos E MD
Bajwa, Mohsin K
Balasubramanian, Anand
Bhatia, Devinder S MD
Bikkina, Ravi
Butts, Turner MD
Carmichael Don B MD
Castillo, Luis MD
Chapman, Chris
Chiou, Peter
Choksi, Asit
Chundra, Ravi
Coleman, Gary
de la Guardia, Bernardo
DeWitt-Prater, Susan
Dolino, Woodrow MD
Duong, Can H MD
Elient, David
Ghobrial, Salah MD
Grissom, Larry A MD
Hede, Vidyadhar S MD
Ibrahim, Fatima
Iglesias, Jose V.
Irvine, Timothy MD
Jain, Anudeep
Kashyap, Rohit MD
Khoury, Pierre
Kwoh, Christopher
Lachterman, Bruce
Latthe, Bharat B.
Lavergne, Christopher
Leggett, Philip MD
Lorente, Lorenzo MD
Lu, Bing MD
Mactavish, Lawrence Scott II
Mansour, Edward Shawn
Miles, Jerry
Moonat, Suresh C
Morgan, Glenn L
Navid, David O.
Nguyen, Dawn
Nguyen, Hai N.
Nguyen, Jennifer Thanh
Mclellan, Michelle
Norton, Ralph E MD
Peabody, Brenda
Pidala, Mark J
Pieniazek, Jack
Pollo, Walter H MD
Qadeer, Asaf R
Rajagopalan, Lakshmy
Revana MD, Madaiah
Reza, Syed MD
Rizvi, Ali N.
Roddy, Louis
Sagar, Bhuvana MD
Sethi, Gurdeep
Seymour, Gregory
Shah, Anjana N
Sharma, Jagdish Chandra
Sheih, Samson
Shubert, Edward E
Suki, Samer
Vuong, Madelyn
Wee, Kee Young
Wessels, Robert Allen
Williams, Balmore W
Xydas, Nicolas
Zaniewski Singh, Michelle
Zatorski, Jeffrey John MD

This information is being provided to you to help you make an informed decision about your health care. You have the right to choose your health care provider. You have the option of obtaining health care ordered by your physician at a different facility other than Houston Northwest Medical Center. You will not be treated differently by Houston Northwest Medical Center if you choose to use a different facility. If desired, your physician can provide information about alternative providers.

If you have any questions concerning this notice, please feel free to contact your physician.